Crit-a-Öke: The Liverpool Edition

Brendan Curtis-Burton
Emma Curd
Raphaella Davies
Dan Mahony
Lauren Velvick


‘Crit-a-Öke: Abridged’ formed part of the Tate Exchange programme on Friday 20th January 2017.

Featuring Peter Martin and Bol Gelsthorpe as Invited participants

'Crit-a-Öke: Abridged' was programmed in partnership with Tate Liverpool.

Crit-a-Öke was premiered at Bluecoat, Liverpool, in 2016.

What would Chris Kraus backed by Kriss-Kross sound like?

Is Boris Groys the third member of the Pet Shop Boys?

If Donna Summer emancipated Jacques Rancière by feeling his love, What would happen?

Crit-a-Öke throws the medium of academic writing through the extroverted blender of Kara-Öke to see if
the thing spat out on the other sides says anything about either.


Felicity Black

Dean Brierley

Jack Fisher

Jake Laffoley and Emma Brown

Michael Lacey

Maggie Matic

Queen Of The Track

The White Pube

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