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The Hum
9/3/2017 - 8/4/2017
Caustic Coastal, Salford

Emii Alrai
Dave Evans
James Fuller
David Lamelas
Mark Riddington

The Hum was a group exhibition which drew its name from a phenomenon of unexplained tones or frequencies, the most notorious examples of which being the “Bristol Hum” and the “Taos Hum”. The exhibition featured work that has a degree of mystique, folklore and tacit understanding, or that occupies/addresses the spaces in between things, i.e. voids and negative spaces.

For those who can hear The Hum it can be a very disturbing phenomenon.

There has been skepticism about whether The Hum exists. (1).jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg (2).jpg (1).jpg (1).jpg (3).jpg (3).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg